Mcdaniel Farm Sunset Session

One of my very favorite places to shoot is this park. It has just about everything you could want in a location. As the sun filtered through the trees, it created a magical backdrop for this special family.


One of the things I love best about my job is the connections I make with the people. Especially the children. I have always connected with children in a unique way. It has allowed me to capture amazing shots of them, because they usually trust me from the moment we meet.


Even though they may be running around and not sitting still, that’s okay! It allows me to capture their true spirit, and that my friend, is what makes a beautiful image.

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Wedding Photography

I’ve never wanted to be a wedding photographer. I’m perfectly happy with the much less stressful family and child sessions. But, I’ve shot at two small outdoor weddings now, and I may change my mind about being a small wedding photographer. What do you think??

Weddings photographers deserve so much credit. Before I knew what really goes into it, I would scoff at the prices they would charge. “$5000 for some pictures at a wedding?!” It does seem extreme. But if you know all that goes into it, you would understand why they charge those prices.

This was my cousins wedding, and I gifted her some photos from the day. She hired a photographer for 2 hours and I took pictures after she left. There was absolutely no pressure on me, I was able to be creative and free. And I believe that’s how they came out so well.

Spring~ Greater Atlanta Family Photographer

This time of year in Georgia is gorgeous! We have azaleas blooming around every corner, wisteria hanging from the trees, daffodils lining the suburban yards and they make excellent back drops for photography.

I’m a windows open kind of girl and none of my family have severe allergies, so the windows in our house stay wide open until it’s too hot. My yard is filled with perennials and the kids love watching them come up year after year. This year we collected some tadpoles in a nearby puddle. Slowly watching them turn into frogs will be such a great way to teach the kids about the life cycle.

Kathleen Haisten Photography Johns Creek, Duluth, Gwinnett, Norcross, Peachtree Corners, Roswell, Lilburn.

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Mother and Daughter~ McDaniel Farm Park Duluth, Ga Photographer

I recently purchased a new camera, it is a huge upgrade for me and I’m so thrilled. I don’t usually spend a lot on money on myself, but I look at this as an investment. And it allows me to step up my photography game. I’m working on my website and my brand and I want to convey how much I love photographing families. And I believe this new upgrade allows me to do it much better than before.

On another note, this lady in the next few pictures has been my best friend since we were 7. She lived down the street from me for just a few months and when she moved away I was determined to keep in touch. Some people are just worth the effort. And now here we are and I’m photographing her mommy and me session with her first baby. So grateful for this opportunity, I feel so content with life when I have my camera in hand and I’m working with people I love.

Lindeneu Family~ Atlanta Family Photographer

This was my last session of 2018. We weren’t sure if it was going to rain, but we pushed through anyway. We were lucky. We got the amazing sky without any of the rain. When you have five kids, you never know what to expect at a family session. Sometimes the parents are running around stressed out and making unnecessary commands. But I’m the type of photographer who just rolls with anything. No matter what happens, I always get the shot. I’m patient and silly with them, and connect with them. So if you book with me, know this, I’m a mom of three and I’ve seen just about everything. Nothing will shock me. Please don’t think I’m judging you because your kid won’t sit still. It’s okay. I actually like action shots :)

These parents are awesome, I think they have seen a thing or two themselves. Laid back and fully involved. We had a blast with this session and I didn’t want it to end.

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Skurski Family~ Roswell, Ga Garrard Landing Park

I’ve watched this family grow for the past four years. It’s such a gift when a family has enough faith in you to come back year after year. It is the highest compliment for me as a photographer, and a person. And to also tell all their friends about me too!

They are always up for anything and willing to make poop jokes to make their kids cackle with laughter. These precious years with young children go by fast and I’m thankful I had a hand in capturing their beauty at this point in time.

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Connett Family~Norcross, Ga Garden Club

This is my second year photographing this family, and once again these kids are angels! I first met this sweet family when our daughters were in a play together, it wasn’t long after Mrs. Connett was contacting me for a session. I think the best way to meet new clients is in real life and they already know you well enough so the first session isn’t as awkward!

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Wheeler Family~ Garden Club Norcross, Ga photographer

I have been fortunate enough to photograph some of the best kids! There are some kids who are just natural in front of the camera. I also think it helps that I’m a “kid person” I’ve always been quick to connect with kids on our first meeting. It sure helps to take great photographs of them if they trust you. It’s been 3 years since I photographed this family. I’ve come a looooong way since then!

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Simmons Family~ McDaniel Farm Park Duluth, Ga

The rain has been pouring down here for the past couple of days, but thankfully our weekends have been beautiful. McDaniel Farm is one of my favorite places to shoot and every time I go I find a new area I hadn’t noticed before. This beautiful family did me the honor of asking me to capture them again this year. There is a handful of kids who just know exactly what to do in front of the camera and they do it so well. Their older boy is one of those kids, and it’s so much fun!

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Bloomingdale Family~ McDaniel Farm Park Duluth, Ga

I don’t do a whole lot of advertising for my business. Word of mouth has been my primary form of gaining new clients. This family is another example of a friend referral, they were great to work with and their sweet little boy had the most expressive face, I just adore that!

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Mosher Family~ Garden Club Norcross, Ga Photographer

It' finally feels like fall y’all! If you live in the south, then you probably know that while up north fall weather starts in August, we have to wait until November to actually feel the cooler weather. It’s difficult to be shooting holiday pictures and everyone is sweating from the heat!

This family is new to my clientele, and came recommend trough a friend. Which I feel is the BEST way to get new business.


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Baby Evie~In home lifestyle session Roswell, GA

I had the honor of photographing this sweet family and their newborn Evie May a couple of weeks ago. She is the first child for them and it was very special to be a part of it. I’ve known Jamie for 30 years and it felt so natural for me to be in their home and capture candid shots of them with their precious angel. I had rented a 35 mm lens 1.4 for this shoot and I loved it so much, I ended up buying it :)

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Keilman Family~ Duluth, Ga McDaniel Farm Park

New babies are so much fun to take pictures of. You would think they would be easy because they just lay there. But the opposite is true. They are much more difficult to capture because they just lay there. Trying to get a young baby to smile on cue is not easy, but when you capture it, all the hard work was worth it.

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Russell Family Fall 2018 Dunwoody, Ga Nature Center

Don’t you just hate when you are so ready for fall, but the weather just won’t cooperate!? Well after this shoot we were all sweaty and hot. But I couldn’t be happier with the results. At least this family made it look like it was cool outside! I’ve know this woman for most of my life and it’s been such a pleasure watching her children grow up.

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Benson Family~Dunwoody, Ga Nature Center

I’ve had the pleasure of photographing this family many times. It is the best feeling when a clients likes you enough to keep coming back again and again. I’m lucky enough to have many of those families. My clients truly are the best. They love my talent and trust me to make them look their best. It can be a big responsibility, but I embrace the challenge and love every minute of it.

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