Mother and Daughter~ McDaniel Farm Park Duluth, Ga Photographer

I recently purchased a new camera, it is a huge upgrade for me and I’m so thrilled. I don’t usually spend a lot on money on myself, but I look at this as an investment. And it allows me to step up my photography game. I’m working on my website and my brand and I want to convey how much I love photographing families. And I believe this new upgrade allows me to do it much better than before.

On another note, this lady in the next few pictures has been my best friend since we were 7. She lived down the street from me for just a few months and when she moved away I was determined to keep in touch. Some people are just worth the effort. And now here we are and I’m photographing her mommy and me session with her first baby. So grateful for this opportunity, I feel so content with life when I have my camera in hand and I’m working with people I love.